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November Lessons

7. Finding Things --Bush Objects

Nt’a k’iłkedi ghinhti?
Where is that trap?

K’iłkedi ghinhti nt’a?
Where is that trap?

Ginidi k’iłkedi.
Here is the trap.

Nt’a balatga ghin(i)hti?
Where is the tent?

(Gu ki) balatga qa’ighalnik (duhti).
The tent is pitched (here).

Ush ghin nt’a?
Where are the snowshoes?

Ginidi ush.
Here are the snowshoes.

(Nt’a) hał ghinhti nt’a?
Where is your packsack?

Gindi hał ghindi.
Here is the packsack.

Ginidi hał.
Here is the packsack.