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November Lessons

1. Weather

Ełyus lagit?
Is it snowing?

Aa’ ełyus (shit’i).
Yes, it is snowing.

Nch’uk’a ki ełyuy hki.
It is not snowing any more.

Edli qilan lagit?
Is it cold?

Aa’ edli qilan.
Yes, it is cold.

Nch’uk’a edli hghile duhti.
It is not cold.

Nch’uk’a ki edli hghile ki.
It is not cold anymore.

Hey na’a htaydlan.
It is starting to be winter for us.

(Nen k’a) Dena’inaq’e qinash du?
Do you speak the Dena’ina language?

Dena’inaq’e qadak’deshnesh shit’i.
I understand the Dena’ina language.

Dena’inaq’e k’a nch’u qadak’eydeshnik.
I don’t understand the Dena’ina language.