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May Lessons

2. Tanning Hides

Ginihti yada q’u łchin dit k’eyes?
What kind of hide did he make (tan)?

K’eyes łchin lagin?
Did he make (tan) a skin?

Dnigi yes łchin łu ghu.
He made (tanned) a moose hide.

Gini k’i ghenuy yes (łchin) łu ghu.
This is a caribou hide (that he tanned)

Yada q’u łchin din?
What is s/he making?

Tuk’ełsah, tuk’esah.
S/he is tanning (a hide).

Gun ki tuk’esahen łu ghu.
This guy is tanning.

Nenhti yada q’u t’enł’an?
What are you doing?

Ghu tuk’esah (łu ghu).
I am tanning (a hide).